Kingdom Congressional Int'l Alliance

Dr. Bruce Cook - Chairman             Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw - President


Kingdom Congressional International Alliance (KCIA) is a 7 Mountain global Apostolic/Prophetic wineskin that was birthed by the Holy Spirit on January 16th, 2014. KCIA was launched on March 21st, 2014 and subsequently registered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Washington.  Leaders from many cultures, nations and networks have come together in obedience, love and unity to form this Alliance.


KCIA is governed by a Board of Directors and has on file a determination letter from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service dated Oct. 24, 2014 declaring KCIA to be a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and also a Public Charity under Section 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) of the IRC. The EIN for Kingdom Congressional International Alliance is 46-5251044.



Our Vision is to disciple the nations, teaching them to obey all that Jesus commands.


Our Mission is to enable Kingdom leaders to accelerate and further their success in completing their heavenly assignments by networking them together with other apostolic and prophetic leaders whose assignments are complementary and whose resources are voluntarily made available to one another.


Our purpose is to facilitate in interlocking assignments among our members, and collaborate on projects with the potential for regional, national or global impact.


KCIA is a movement committed to developing interpersonal relationships and empowering each member to fulfill their divine destiny, thus demonstrating Christ’s nature and ministry in the earth. 


Through these interpersonal relationships, we endeavor to encourage and assist one another, counsel and interact with one another, harness, leverage, activate and unlock potential synergy, collective wisdom and the power of relational networks and group resources wherever and whenever possible.


The core spiritual DNA of the Alliance includes spiritual fathering and mothering, marketplace entrepreneurism, custodians of revelation, apostolic and prophetic thrusts, government, discipling nations, wealth transfer and stewardship, righteousness and justice, honor, humility, and releasing kings and priests into all domains and spheres of society.  


KCIA is an alliance of networks that cultivates, develops, exhibits, models and projects a global grid and footprint. We are a highly relational group of leaders with influence, authority, expertise, gifting, character, accountability and resources. As apostolic and prophetic leaders, we are committed and mutually submitted in love to each other and to the Kingdom. We are committed to creating effective interpersonal communication, mutual honor, respect and trust and personal chemistry, friendship and camaraderie. 


KCIA works to develop and support Kingdom businesses and churches with primary commitment to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Kingdom businesses will enhance the interaction of the local church and society, thereby fulfilling the Biblical promises of the transfer of the wealth of the wicked to the just (Isaiah 60:4-11, Ecclesiastes 2:26, and Deuteronomy 8:18).


KCIA is committed to help create new Kingdom businesses that will bring societal reformation and sustainable transformation, renewal, revival and renaissance in the marketplace and government; raise and train believers with the Kingdom mentality who are totally committed to the Lord and to His Kingdom; break down walls of divisions, segregation, personal limitations, all prejudices, religious mindsets and familiar spirits that hinder Kingdom advancement; build bridges between organizations, streams, nations and people groups; pioneer and develop Kingdom churches, Kingdom organizations, and Kingdom businesses that will advance God’s purposes in our land today.






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