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Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw is one of the leading pioneers in the occupation of the Seven Mountain Movement. The underlying gift Dr. Bradshaw possesses is his ability to be in step with times and seasons. He has a revelation of the king and priest that is a needed revelation in this day and hour. This book I See Thrones! is creating the paradigm that will cause the kings to occupy the mountains. As the Ambassador of a nation I would recommend this book as a training model for any government of the world that wants to see biblical transformation in their country.

Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers - World Peace Ambassador and Special Representative from Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative to the United Nations- Victorville, California



There are those who have prophetic eyes to see the trajectory of the Kingdom and discern the “new thing” God is doing in the earth in each season and generation. They have Issachar understanding of the times and know how the Ekklesia must successfully navigate them in order to see powerful advances of God’s Kingdom in the nations. They are a new breed 21st century apostolic leader skillfully breaking open the scrolls of present-truth revelation from Scripture that will ignite fresh fires of reformation in a hungry remnant ready to run with wild abandon into their destiny as kings in the earth. Dr. Gordon Bradshaw is that kind of apostolic vanguard leader whose incredible book, I See Thrones! Igniting and Increasing Your Influence in The Seven Mountains of Culture, powerfully takes the Seven Mountain Mandate message to a new place of revelation and understanding that will greatly contribute to the movement’s growth in wisdom and stature, while also unpacking the apostolic in a fresh and new way for a new generation. I highly recommend I See Thrones! as a book that I believe will cause you to see through the lens of revelation your true identity as kings, and your true Kingdom purpose more clearly than you ever have before.

Axel Sippach - Founder & Presiding Apostle EPIC Global Network - Seabeck, Washington



Dr. Bradshaw has done it again. I See Thrones! is a direct message from God delivered through one of his very accomplished messengers. We all want to be successful in business. Dr. Bradshaw has very adeptly given us the blueprint to achieve positive results in business and in life. Like when you take a math exam, sometimes you are given the answer but the successful, accomplished individual has the ability to show you their work. The road to failure is in trying to please everyone. The secret to success is pleasing God. If you are uncovered or insecure, it is because you are a bystander. Be an “Upstander” and know through God that you will be blessed and all of your needs will be met. My vision is clear… I See Thrones!

Charles “Chuck” Hughes, MPA - Executive Director – Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Goodwill Ambassador – Golden Rule International, Recipient – iChange Nations Distinguished Leadership Medal              Gary, Indiana



I am honored and blessed to call Dr. Bradshaw my friend and comrade in arms. The revelation he carries and releases regarding our kingdom mandate here on earth and our kingly authority and responsibility to carry out our assignments is truly transformational. I See Thrones! will encourage you, challenge you and provide you the wisdom and knowledge of God’s word to be empowered to take full authority in your assignment and see your thrones!

Wende Jones CEO, Agile Labs Board Chair, Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest, Author of The God Port        Beaverton, Oregon



Dr. Bradshaw has a firm grasp of what is required to defeat the Kingdom of Babylon that has dominated the marketplace for thousands of years, and replace it with the Kingdom of God. If we cannot oust or overcome this despicable culture of greed, fear, and corruption, we will never ascend any of the 7 Mountains and we will never see the Kingdom of God manifest on the earth. I See Thrones! introduces this concept on the first page of the first chapter – Thrones That Move Mountains… “it has always been the intention of God for His people to have the highest seats of influence and not for any contrary forces to rule there. History has proven this to be a difficult task, not because of the weakness of God, but of men with their proclivity toward greed, lust, covetousness, pride, unrighteousness and ungodliness and because of the demonically-engineered strategies of dark forces. However, the situation is turning around, even as you read this chapter”. It is immensely refreshing to find a work that addresses the reality of the marketplace and I commend Dr. Bradshaw for the great job he has done with I See Thrones!

Dave Hodgson CEO, Paladin Corporation Founder and Leader of Kingdom Investors        Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia



In the past, the subject of sovereignty was often sequestered…” Dr. Bradshaw has unmasked one of Satan’s most dastardly schemes: relegating promises meant for the present as only accessible in some future state, be it in the Millenium or even Heaven. In falling for this lie, the Church has tolerated powerlessness and accepted weaknesses and subservience to earthly “rulers” over the Seven Mountains of Culture. When you open this book, your eyes will be opened to see the throne for which you have been uniquely prepared to sit and accept your destiny as a co-regent with Christ in fulfillment of the scriptures, “If we endure, we shall also reign with Him” (2 Tim. 2:12). Do you hear the groan of creation as it awaits the sons of God to be revealed and take their place? Are you groaning like I am to see the day when we rise up to exercise dominion as we were commanded from the beginning? Yes, Lord Jesus, help us to SEE THRONES!

Rev. Kevin A. Graves - President, Target Ministries         Singapore, Singapore


In I See Thrones!, Dr. Bradshaw shows us a room of empty thrones waiting for us to take our God-given places of authority. He then takes us on a journey that not only leads to our ascension to these “thrones” by the King of kings, but also gives us our assignments of “lordship” by the Lord of lords. Dr. Bradshaw describes “lordship” as a term describing our spheres of influence within Seven Mountain territory. As God gives us authority to rule and reign in our assignments, we are led into ever expanding and increasing responsibilities. Then we are “called,” “chosen,” and “faithful” in respective areas of assignment. Dr. Bradshaw declares that we are about to see phenomenal advances in breakthrough technology and ideas that will rattle and shake “status quo” environments and normalcy. Unusual and uncommon things are about to happen. So read I See Thrones! and take courage because your increase is closer than you think!

Timothy Hamon, Ph.D. CEO, Christian International Ministries Network      Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


As pioneers who contend for 7 Mountain dominion, we remain alert for the road map that will provide the straightest ascent. Bushwhacking is hard work, and many of us have grown weary along the way. As a businesswoman, I want to know how I’ve impacted the transfer of wealth in my time here on earth. As a philanthropist, I want to understand the ways in which God is calling me to shape society. As one with the heart of a public servant, I yearn to witness a righteous government that is restored with judgment and justice. I See Thrones! cuts through cobwebs and confusion and delivers a shakeup to the mind and heart while ushering in encouragement and strength to the spirit. Practical yet powerful applications are delivered through case studies and divinely-delivered decrees that accompany each chapter. Brilliantly written, Dr. Bradshaw captures the 7 Mountain sound and language that reach to the heavens; the result is a “throne song” that will be harmonized by those who quest for fresh revelation.  May each sojourner who holds this book in his or her hand connect to the image of Jesus, fist pump in the air in triumph at the revelation and renaissance it releases as each declares, “I See Thrones!”

Sher Valenzuela - Vice President, First State Manufacturing, Author of The World’s Best Customer           Milford, Delaware



In his latest book, I See Thrones!, Dr. Gordon Bradshaw has masterfully shown the importance of recognizing and embracing our Kingdom of God call to royal service, some to thrones, others on thrones, but all to the majesty of sons or daughters of the Most High King.  In the classic story of “The Prince and the Pauper”, the Prince, having been accidentally forced to live the mean life of the pauper, is abused and used, ridiculed, attacked, robbed and finally arrested. The Pauper, likewise living in the palace, is trained in the ways of royalty. Through all the Prince endured, he never forgot who he was and that he was destined to sit on the throne. This drove his every decision and action. The Pauper grew in wisdom, never grasping for personal gain, in his integrity restoring the prince to his royal place on the throne, also lived out his life in the royal courts. From this place of royalty, they changed the world. Please read this extremely important book and embrace your high calling to royalty. It will change your life and change the world.

Dr. Greg Linnebach - Apostle and Serial Entrepreneur - Arizona, Prior – Knights of Malta, Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem-

Peoria, Arizona


Dr. Bradshaw is a diligent student of the Word of God, and through his diligence in diving deeper and deeper into the Word, this time he has resurfaced with an absolutely remarkable clarity of understanding about some deep truths regarding Kingdom Authority and its application in today’s society which is brilliantly displayed throughout the pages of this book. This book describes in detail God’s plan to fully utilize the eternal purpose of each human life, repair our thinking, adjust our posture, restore our authority as kings and priests and mend the rift between earth and mankind. It also generously provides practical keys for us to engage in this vital process of transformation. I believe that I See Thrones! will be a catalyst in the lives of many believers to step into their true Kingdom assignments and thus help usher in the “Glory of the Lord” upon the church as prophesied through Isaiah with the consequence that “Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising” (Isa. 60:3, KJV).

Karl O. Bandlien, MD Co-Founder & President of Global Compassion Network, Co-Founder & Vice President of Transformation Health Network Co-Chair of KCIA Science, Technology and Healthcare Committee         Highland, Michigan


Dr. G. E. Bradshaw has successfully captured the essence of true Kingdom citizenship. I See Thrones! is a double-edged sword that has cut through the mediocrity of religiosity and exposed the true meaning of being a ‘royal priesthood’. You hold in your hands an instruction manual for both “Ruler and Worshipper.” With its broad range of relevance to our social, economic and spiritual conditions, I See Thrones! inspires us to take our position in the Seven Mountains and exercise our divinely-appointed sphere of influence and depth of authority as both King and Priest.

Dr. Glories Powell Senior Pastor—CODA Ministries President – Glories Powell Ministries Executive Director – REVIVE Prison Re-Entry Program

Las Vegas, Nevada

Since the birth of the American experiment, men and women have been loath to properly regard royalty. Believers, especially, have too often spiritualized the reign of King Jesus, and have put aside any notion that we will reign with him until the Millennial Age. But, in this vital work, Dr. Gordon Bradshaw has shed new light on the clear meaning of Holy Scripture that depicts the role of kings in bringing the Kingdom of God into manifestation in our communities and nations. This book should be part of every saint’s training in learning to function as both “priests and kings” [Rev 1.5-6].

John Anderson, MBA Executive Chairman, Global Development Partners (GDP)        Gig Harbor, Washington


Spiritual forefathers of your city of Chicago like Dowie and Moody never passed their mantles; therefore men like Capone held a seat (throne) and released and exercised a spirit of corruption that has ruled your city to this day. But, what you’ve written you will NOW experience! You shall occupy a place in the spirit and influence your city in a redemptive way! Take your governorship mantle and reign!

Dr. Mark Kauffman Overseer – Kingdom Regency Alliance, President – International Coalition of Marketplace Leaders (ICML), President – Kingdom Congressional International Alliance (KCIA)            New Castle, Pennsylvania

In 1975, Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and Loren Cunningham of Youth With a Mission blessed the body of Christ with the Seven Cultural Mountains model. This metaphor was popularized in the early 2000’s by Dr. Lance Wallnau. As with every prophetic revelation, it takes time for the power of the word to realize its full effect. We may understand the times and seasons as a result of a prophetic word, but not have the clearest understanding of what to do. Dr. Bradshaw’s book, I See Thrones!, changes all that. His latest book ensures that the revelation of what we have been given will continue to impact the Church’s advancement on Earth well into the 21st Century. From his first chapter on Thrones That Move Mountains to the last on Restoring Souls, Systems, and Societies, he gives us the means to see sustained transformation and accomplish what the prophetic word revealed over 30 years ago. This is a meaty book filled with rich revelation and wisdom on how to receive our heavenly inheritance that comes with a personal relationship with Jesus the Messiah, the King of kings and Lord of lords. With this deeper revelation of our identity in Christ, now we can walk humbly in our godly authority as sons and daughters in His Kingdom here on earth. Because of this book, the world is one major step closer to seeing what can happen when there are people who are totally sold out to God. I have known Apostle Bradshaw for some time now and all I can say is that through his friendship and professional collaboration, my life has changed forever. Read and apply the principles he presents and you too, will be a force the gates of hell will not be able to prevail against. Misrah!!!

Dr. Bill Manduca, MBA, DSL Business Visionary, Strategist, and Coach - The Vantage Point Group            Ocean Springs, Mississippi



Dr. Bradshaw challenges each member in the Body of Christ to identify God’s purpose/destiny/assignment for His kingdom implementation in the earth. As believers, we are called to govern in a sphere of influence in the earth. There must be an understanding of our roles of influence from the “culture of authority as managers of people, places and things.” All of humanity, through the work of the cross, has received an invitation to be restored to fellowship with God and given back “authority to reign on the earth as its lawful and legal guardians.” This book will help you to identify and celebrate as you discover and recover God’s plan for your life and how to function on your throne in your sphere of influence within “the Seven Mountains of Culture.”

Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III - Governing Apostle – Hope Outreach Ministries Inc., President – The Brinson Institute           Chicago, Illinois


I See Thrones! is an explosive, masterful work of cutting-edge revelatory gems of Scripture, which indeed have been hidden from the saints of this age but are now revealed through the uniquely expressed language of Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw. He is a person whom I, as well as others, take in strong consideration as being among the very chiefest apostles of the 21st Century age and beyond, and as a spiritual father and mentor to many. I See Thrones! is a must read, and helpful as becoming a navigational blueprint for the cause of developing the spiritual state of the believer and equipping them toward the processes of inheriting the thrones within the kingdom of God.

John McClain - Founder and Apostle of Judahlionz Kingdom Ministry                  Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota



Over the years I have learned that the Lord is extremely intentional regarding the vessels He chooses to bring forth specific revelation into the earth. In Dr. G.E. Bradshaw, the Lord has raised up a conduit of rare revelation that results in practical implementation, personal transformation and systemic restoration. He is a man of This Hour and this I See Thrones! message is an invitation; an open door for people to enter into their temporal and eternal destinies. This book is for everyone who can hear the Call of His Voice.

Matthew Fleming - Chief Solutions Officer of Omega ProVision                Charlotte, North Carolina


It happened again! God has connected with Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw and has revealed to him one of the most “Ultimate” purposes of God’s heart - thrones that will be occupied by sons/daughters – kings with total fulfillment of God’s purposes on their lives. Thrones that move mountains reveal the original mandate that God put in Adam and Eve concerning the purity of the kingdom. Dr. Bradshaw’s writings give us divine clarity that causes one to function and operate with excellence fulfilling the Kingly-Governmental purpose of God in the earth. God through Dr. Bradshaw connects the reader with the very dynamics of His God’s Purity, Nature, Passion-Zeal, Strong Momentum, and Love for His Purpose.

Dr. Bobby Orange - CEO and Apostle of Christ Kingdom People Ministries/Marketplace International                Jacksonville, Florida


Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw sees the thrones of God clearly and better than most. His insight opens up the “heavenly” realm and dimension so that others can see what he sees and act accordingly. I thank God for vision and insight that supersedes the natural sight through the eyes of faith and spiritual gifting. Now, let us enter in and take our seat on the thrones that God has prepared for His sons and daughters.

Dr. Carl L. White, Jr. Senior Pastor – Victory Christian Int’l Ministries President – Southland Ministerial Health Network         Markham, Illinois


In his latest book, I See Thrones!, Dr. Gordon Bradshaw brings to us a fresh revelation from the heart and mind of God. I See Thrones! sheds light on the single most astonishing revelation given to man from God; that for the first time throughout the history of eternity, there is a physical man (Jesus Christ) sitting on the throne of God; and that we too, as believers by faith in our ascended Lord as our head and representative, are also seated upon the throne of God. It is from the throne position that the believer, according to the will of God, is supposed to rule and govern the Seven Mountains of Culture. There were kings who have abdicated their thrones and walked away from them because they didn’t have the ability to govern correctly. This book will be used by God as the vehicle to restore hope to those kings who have left their thrones. It is also a manual for kings to rule correctly from the 8th mountain. This is actually leading to the fact that we are becoming the “race of God,” which is a race of kings and priests. This has been the plan of God all along and will bring light and revelations of this
order. The ability to walk in this power and govern it was inadequate when we walked simply as “believers,” but walking as kings we are more than able to demonstrate the power of God. I See Thrones! is a must read for the mature and kingdom-minded believer, who is ready to claim his or her rightful seat by faith upon the highest seat in the universe, the Throne of God. This book shares with us the importance of thrones and how, according to the plan of God, we are to reign in this lifetime as kings. It is upon Mount Zion, the 8th and highest mountain, where the believer is to rest and rule from.

Dr. Curtis Gillespie - Vice President of Training/Development – The SCOPEVision Group, Dean of Education – The Misrah Academy Governmental Empowerment Center – Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (GEMS)               Michigan City, Indiana





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