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I See Thrones!  by Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw is a book that will ignite and increase our influence as the Body of Christ in the historic nations, institutions and societal spheres of Europe, and the globe! I have seldom read a book that has given me such practical insights into the spiritual authority that we have within the actual spheres of society. It is  no longer “just” about “church” in Rome and Constantinople, but about our influence in the real life of Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, London and Moscow.

Jan-Aage Torp - Director of Transformational, Pastor of Restoration Oslochurch, Convening Apostle of European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

Oslo, Norway



This book is a must read for those who seek to restore God’s Kingdom on Earth. Dr. Bradshaw has decreed that the Body of Christ is foreordained to be kings over God’s Heavenly Thrones on Earth. He reveals how we, as kings, are to restore souls, systems and society back to God’s original creation. As kings, we will restore the provision of sustainability and resourcefulness for the well-being of humanity on the Seven Mountains of Culture. This book equips us to operate as kings.

Cam McConnell CEO, MGLLC, Author - Build to Prosper    Palos Verdes Estates, CA

I See Thrones! is a depiction of our true identity in Christ, being demonstrated and enacted in the earth today as Sons and Daughters, but more importantly as Kings and Priests. Embracing true identity, coupled with appropriating our rightful and appointed position in the earth realm, has often been a struggle simply because many Christian leaders have not had a keen discernment or understanding of true identity or rightful position. Dr. Bradshaw presents a profound, yet simple and easily comprehensible storyline, if in fact you are a revelatory receiver, ready to grasp hold of truth released in the council room of God. It is obvious Dr. Bradshaw has spent long hours on the mountaintop seated at the feet of the teacher. He eloquently states: we are called to reinstate the balanced, civil, righteous, and wise influence that Jesus would, if He were in our place. The only way we can respond to this call is to know the position to which we are called. To take our position on the throne to which we are called, we must expand our thinking to first seeing ourselves there. Thank you Dr. Bradshaw – I’ve heard your teaching on this subject, but reading it, swishing the words around in my mouth, meditating on it, takes it to a whole new level. BRAVO, my friend.

Dr. Gayle Rogers - President/Founder, Forever Free, Inc., Network Leader, Apostolic Coaching for Empowerment Author, Healing the Traumatized Soul, and The Whole Soul     Dana Point, California


Rarely does a book reach out and touch your heart and life within the first few pages; I See Thrones! does exactly that. Each page stands as a gateway into Kingdom realities. The words leap from the pages with anointing and placement within Kingdom of God for this generation of leaders. Dr. Bradshaw has set a banner upon a hill calling us to rise to the call of our Lord to occupy the thrones prepared for each of us until He returns. In that hour we will bow and cast our crowns at His feet.

Danny J Dean - Chief Operating Officer, SunTracker North West LLC Founder and Apostle of Oregon School of the Prophets D.B.A. West Gate Gathering             Yakima, Washington



We are living in one of the most pivotal times of shifting in all of recorded history. In I See Thrones!, Dr. Gordon Bradshaw has written a timeless masterpiece of revelatory literature that will dramatically transform your understanding of the governmental rule of Christ in us. Within these gilded pages, Dr. Bradshaw gives us a majestic panorama of the Thrones of Heaven within us and how we can operate at our maximum capacity. I believe it’s through this fresh lens of clarity that your eternal mandate will begin to crystalize before your eyes and move you into your destiny with greater acceleration. I See Thrones! will impart a new and dynamic “Re-formation” of your Kingdom perspective, both personally and corporately. We, as Christ’s Body on earth, have now moved from the Church age to the Kingdom age. One can only receive this level of revelation by having an incredible walk of intimacy in the Spirit with the Lord. The keys of true stewardship and authority are only entrusted to those who have been qualified through many years of faithfulness, forged from the fires of adversity and the staircase of promotion. Dr. Bradshaw has my greatest respect. I See Thrones! will take you to new levels of maturity and position you to begin operating at new thresholds of the Spirit to impact the spheres of influence you walk in. Rarely are we given such rich “Manna” from Heaven, especially when it is needed most in our culture. We are all the true benefactors of Dr. Bradshaw’s uncompromising walk of integrity and honor. I believe your life will be enriched in unparalleled ways as you begin to rule from your Throne of Authority.

Gary Beaton - President, Transformation Glory Ministries, Award-winning documentary and media producer, Apostle & Prophet-

Maryville, Tennessee


I See Thrones! describes a panoramic view of the body of Christ in relationship to all aspects of society, walking in the fullness of their priestly and kingly inheritance. It ignites the reader with fire and passion to reach for higher heights and deeper depths. It certainly reiterated to me that I am seated in heavenly places with God and rule in dominion, power and authority. It reemphasizes that each believer chosen by God has a mandate on their life to make a kingdom impact in all levels of society. Kudos to Dr. Bradshaw for obeying God’s voice in writing this treasure.

Apostle Sharon Billins - Overseer-Palm Tree International Ministries, Inc., President-The SAMUEL School of the Prophets, President-Palm Tree International Ministerial Alliance (P.T.I.M.A.)       Columbus, Georgia


I See Thrones! is an important piece of relevant revelation in this hour, being well researched and articulated for the most exacting of scholars. I believe this is the finest hour for the Church of Jesus Christ. I also believe it is the finest hour for America in which she will rise to her place and position in these last days to be a Kingdom Nation and a light shining in the darkness. The clash between two kingdoms is NOT a fair fight. We have a guaranteed outcome and WE have unlimited resources as we are living from Heaven to Earth. The enemy does have a budget and does not have the luxury of TIME being on his side. We live in eternity. We are seated with Christ in the Heavenly realm already and in addition to all this, we also have our own measure of rule, or metron. As we are faithful to rule our measure well, our metron is expanded ... since the Kingdom is ever expanding under the rule of the ONE who created all things to bring pleasure to Himself. In the year 2000 I had an open vision in which God’s signet ring was deposited into my upturned right hand and the Lord spoke audibly to me. Since that divine encounter I have been continually aware that positionally, I am in Christ! My prayers are more often declarations and decrees, reinforcing the Victory of Christ in earthly situations and circumstances. This book is a HOW TO diagram for access and a must read for every intentional believer. In all my Christian walk I have never read a book that impacted me as much as this book. I See Thrones! is a must have for every intentional Kingdom citizen in this hour. For too long, the Body of Christ has lived below her privilege and right to rule on earth as it is in Heaven.

Pamela Ferguson - President, Kingdom Ready Equipping Ministries Director, Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers of Oregon, International Prophet, Teacher, Revivalist, Church Planter         Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho


I See Thrones!  is a much-needed resource and valuable revelation for the body of Christ and an invitation to take our rightful position as kings and priests in the kingdom of Jesus by being seated on our God-given thrones with Christ. From there we can have an increased perspective and influence. The Bible says “when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him” (Isa. 59:19, KJV). Often that standard is you and me. May the Lord bless us to be His standard bearers in the earth—wise as serpents but harmless as doves. “Darkness now covers the earth, and total darkness the peoples; but the Lord will shine over you, and his glory will appear over you” (Isa. 60:2, HCS). God’s light is shining upon us and His glory is available to appear over us anywhere, anytime. Let’s don’t hide our light under a bushel, but rather be a city set upon a hill to bring His light into the darkness.

Philip Tan, CEO Phil Tan Productions Inc. Member, Directors Guild of America (DGA), Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) - West Hills, California



The season of presumptuous activity around the throne of God and the misunderstanding of His governmental responsibility to His saints and their authority is over.  I See Thrones! is a curtain raiser ushering God’s people into a new era of engagement and a new level of influence with culture, and faithful partnership with God to manifest His glory through humble vessels in the Earth. It’s a must read.

Dr. Emmanuel Ziga - President, Grace for All Nations Ministries International & Grace Business Forum, Senior Leader, Sunshine Church

Bellevue, Washington


I just put Dr. Gordon Bradshaw’s new book down. We are in completely different ministry circles and I was so glad to be brought into his through this book. I See Thrones! is a very well thought out and researched book. The biblical understanding that went into this was astounding, as Dr. Bradshaw took some of the best of thinking on our royalty and authority and helps believers relate to the Hebrew mindset of God. Ephesians 1: 20-23 says that Jesus was raised up far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way. Ephesians 2 then goes into how we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Dr. Gordon Bradshaw’s book helps us to occupy our heavenly seats now through this book. I agreed with so much of his approach and loved how I was learning through his fascinating approach. He definitely has a revelation in this book along with a powerful teaching gift to bring you into a full throttle pursuit of your Kingdom authority.

Shawn Bolz - Author of Translating God, Keys to Heaven’s Economy, & Throne Room Company, Senior Pastor of Expression58 Church

Los Angeles, California


I See Thrones!  is a great blueprint showing us biblical patterns and placing us on an exponential path of becoming confident and effective in our assignments.  It is empowering and truly revolutionary, pointing out clearly the pitfalls of responding to needs and opportunities. Understanding and applying the technology of thrones will enable us to see and function in the authority available for fulfilling our assignments.

Cristian Voaides - Founder and President, Quantickum Ltd. Co-founder, ProVision Global Capital

Tirgu Mures, Romania         Kansas City, Missouri


I See Thrones!  by Dr. Gordon Bradshaw is more than just another in a series of books by a very astute and gifted author. It is a mandate from the “King of Kings” to each of us as “His kings” on this earth to step into our destinies. The powerful pages of this book will powerfully reverberate in your spirit as it did in mine. You will know that you are hearing from the Throne of God Himself. You will hear the Words of the Creator once again saying to you: “Let them have dominion!” You will see yourself boldly advancing the Kingdom of God and His Kingdom Culture on this earth. As a “king” you will be making kingly decrees from the mountain(s) of influence that God has given you on this earth. These decrees will reverberate with the very heart of God Himself. You will find yourself forcibly advancing the Kingdom of God from the authoritative position of “the throne” that God has given you on earth at this strategic time. You will hear and decree God’s will on earth with a new authority, knowing the decree of a king is the law and cannot be changed and “the word of the king has power!”

Dr. A.L. “Papa” Gill - President, Gill Ministries Bestselling author, including Supernatural Living and Authority of the Believer

Big Bear Lake, California





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