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It is vitally important to the Body of Christ that we understand our position in Christ as “kings and priests unto God” who serve as gods (see Ps. 82:6), making righteous decrees on God’s behalf concerning people, places and things; and who make requests to God on behalf of people, places and things. As we do so in Jesus’ name, we exercise the authority of Jesus from His heavenly throne where we are seated together with Him and where He employs and deploys all power in heaven and earth. Thrones represent the seat of power. As we exercise this right being citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, we literally take on the image of our heavenly identity on earth. It makes sense, then, that if we have been given a heavenly throne with Christ, we have also been given an earthly throne in Christ. In I See Thrones!, Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw remains true to His Godidentity as a revelator of revelators, as he so eloquently takes the Body of Christ to new heights of supernatural awareness and expression. He confidently affirms, biblically, that God has equipped us with supernatural tools to stand in our official earthly assignments (our thrones) which reflect the “government” or Misrah of God – the power, force and prevailing grace that defends the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven and defends believers against the onslaught of the spirit of Babylon, the demonic force that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. I See Thrones! is about the reformation of life, restoring the orderly format of all creation as God originally intended, which includes bringing His rightful sons and daughters to their position of purpose where we all know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God has ordained that each of His children sit on his or her rightful earthly throne – the place of our assignments, having dominion over the social order of the Seven Mountains of Culture.

Dr. Bradshaw masterfully leads us into a discovery of how “sovereignty” overpowers the natural, carnal and earthly systems of life, how we walk in a new-found authority for assignment, how to leverage the influence of your throne, how to redeem earthly systems, how to rule and reign as the Body of Christ and how to unseat illegitimate rulership and regain lost destinies. Once again, Dr. Bradshaw raises the standard for the Body of Christ, inviting us into God’s open door where we “become” commissioned kingdom leaders who reflect the pattern of heaven, living it here on earth. This is a must read for the spiritually hungry and those who are thirsty for revelation knowledge (present truth). It will infuse your life with a new sense of excitement and purpose!

Dr. James Brewton - Bishop, Apostle, Goodwill Ambassador Author of “Back Porch Meditations, Holy Spirit Revelations” Co-founder of ACT (Allendale County Transformers) Founder and Senior Pastor of Community Empowerment Ministries, Inc. Allendale, South Carolina





Once in a while there comes a book, containing a revelation so combustible that it changes forever how we see the person of God and our stature in Him…in a radical and dramatic fashion! I See Thrones! is such a book. Its content is revolutionary and reformatory. It challenges and slices to pieces long-held religious beliefs that place constraints on the extent of believers’ authority in heaven, on earth and under the earth. Like cattle forever branded by the white-hot branding instrument of a seasoned cattle rancher, you will forever be branded with an unwavering sense of dominion over your God-given domain. You will be supercharged to embrace your purpose with a renewed vigor. I See Thrones! is a book about first “seeing” before “becoming!” We must first “SEE” that we have already been “ENTHRONED” with Christ in Heavenly Places (Eph. 2:6) to rule in God’s stead and overthrow despot demonic kings that are ruling industries that control the destinies and livelihoods of millions of people on planet Earth. The rapid moral decline in many nations and the rise of Satanism necessitates a radical and swift response from the greatest government in the Universe: the Government of God! The future that the Kingdom of God wants to establish here on earth does not lie in the hands of Christians with protest placards; reformers and revivalists who have SEEN their THRONES of POWER and INFLUENCE are the ones God is going to use to shape the future!


I See Thrones! is an apostolic and prophetic blueprint, a roadmap so to speak for Kingdom citizens who are tired of “Powerless and mancentered” Christianity! I See Thrones! is for overcomers who desire to overcome in this life even as Christ Jesus overcame during His earthly pilgrimage. “I See Thrones” is a wake-up call to a life marked by genuine spiritual authority. I See Thrones! is a global call to the saints of the Most High God to attend their own “ASCENSION!” Can you imagine how ridiculous it would have been for Jesus Christ to be resurrected and then MISS the MOMENT of His own “ASCENSION?” “CHRIST’S ASCENSION” was the final mark on Christ’s total victory over the fallen demonic powers. But as in Christ’s case, every “ASCENSION” culminates in the “SEATING ON A THRONE!!!” Inside I See Thrones! is clarion “CALL” to your own “ASCENSION… are you READY to HEED the CALL? I sure hope you are tired of “talking the talk” without “walking the walk!” My dear covenant brother Dr. Gordon Bradshaw has once again done the Body of Christ worldwide a great service. I prayerfully ask you to consider telling as many people as you can about buying this book for their own library. Truly, “Evil can only Triumph when good men choose to do nothing!”

Dr. Francis Myles - Bestselling Author: The Order of Melchizedek Senior Pastor: Royal Priesthood Church International www.francismyles.com Tempe, Arizona


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